Classic Pedicure

Our signature pedicure begins with a relaxing soak and shaping. Followed by detailed cuticle care, heel refinement, exfoliant, hydration massage and then polished to perfection.


Repair your dry cracked feet,  with a  gentle granular exfoliation, and our "BUFFING MACHINE" to smooth the calluses. Hydrating creams to massage tired feet and legs, hot stone, paraffin then polishes to perfection. Leg & foot mask,  moisturize, healing paraffin and a warm aromatherapy pillow for your back.

Express "mini" Pedicure

Our express pedicure begins with a relaxing soak. Followed by detailed cuticle care, heel refinement, exfoliant, hydration massage then polished to perfection. (SHORT & SWEET)

Spa / Specialty Pedicure

Try our Jelly Pedicures 


Vegan Pedicure      

Experience the best of an organic and vegan  harmonizing tonic soak.  We exfoliate with a gentle scrub, and moisturize with our hydrating lotions. Experience aromatherapy in the most convenient and thoughtful delivery system in spa pedicures. This luxury pedicure is guaranteed bliss...we'll wake you up when we're done.

Jelly Pedicures

The ultimate Spa experience in relaxation. Heat and Aromatherapy Jelly Bath - is free from any preservatives and fully bio- degradable 


Add Ons:

Additional Foot Massage

Callous Remover

Toe Nail Enhancements

Paraffin Hand & Foot  (Treatment-Individually Packaged)

Foot Collagen Booties

Pedicure Liners

Foot Treatments